B Creative. B Authentic. B Reel. Our studio will let you B what you want to B.
No two clients are alike, so for us to have a rate for the work we do, would be an injustice to your Brave Authentic Story. Tell us what you want to create. Is it an Audiobook? Is it a Podcast? We aren't going to catch a thing unless we both put our lines in the water. 
We are the type of company that likes to meet face to face so that we can get to know you and what you are about. It may just be the best hour you've ever had in your office.
Do you want a studio in your office? Yes, we can help you with that.
Do you want to become a thought leader in your field of expertise? We can help you reach that goal. 
Do you want us to produce, edit and host the show while you sit back and watch success role in? Now we're talking.
When we meet, bring just three things: your imagination; a pen and a piece of paper.
If you are an Author and are looking for another way to earn money from those countless hours of research, writing, re-writing and more,  B Reel does record audiobooks as well, for flat rates or equity shares. 
If you want a second opinion or more options, I would recommend the link below. You can see every producer in the greater Portland area.

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