My friends tell me that I must have been born with a microphone in my hand, because I am so comfortable with it. I always smile but know that it took a lot of hard work to get over my fear of hearing my own voice. In the last 25 years, I have gained immense knowledge from experience an talking with some of the biggest names in the sports broadcasting world, Vin Scully, Kevin Calabro, Keith Jackson and Mark Nicholas. They are all masterful storytellers, and while I am not on their level, they did pass on some wonderful tips that I, in turn, pass on to clients.
When you partner with bReel, the focus is you. My desire is to give you all the tools you need to create your own podcast, to record your own audiobook. The best coaches don't win every time. They leave a legacy of greatness behind them. Zen Parenting radio out of Chicago has now created 500 episodes. Jason Miller and CLIFCast have both released over 50 episodes. They could all do this without me and I am most proud of the fact that many of them do. 
Let me help you with podcasts, Audiobooks, Voice Over, Storytelling of any kind. Together we can make something that lasts because it's real.
Clients I have coached:
Zen Parenting Podcast: Todd and Cathy Adams
LinkedIn: Jason Miller
CLIF - Ricardo Balazs
NIKE - Dennie Wendt
The Money JAR - Evan Wilson and Todd Yuzariha
TeamSnap Podcast - Emily Cohen
Luna Jaffe - Wild Money
and over 30 other hosts of podcasts...

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