Why B Reel? It's simple. It's a tribute to my love of Fly Fishing that my dad passed on to me at a very young age. Even many of the pictures I use on this site are places I have fished and still fish to this day. They are places I taught my own kids to fish. I may not be that good but to me there is nothing better than being on the river with a rod in hand. It doesn't matter whether I land a large one. It matters that I am there.


My other love, besides my family, is Audio. I have been behind a mic since I was 16 years old. I learned how to broadcast a loss, quite frequently I might add, while at Northwestern. After that, I moved around but was fortunate enough to broadcast for the Pac-12, University of Denver, Oregon State University, the Colorado Rapids, The Portland Timbers and even the Portland Trail Blazers. My journey has taken me from covering 2 Stanley Cup Championships, to the NCAA Final Four, to a few Super Bowls, to the NBA Finals and back around to two NCAA Championship runs for OSU in Baseball. Along with that, I was a producer, reporter and anchor at KDVR Fox 31 in Denver and an award winning sports reporter at KXL in Portland.


I know my way around a studio and have put myself in a position to help others who want to share their Brave Authentic Stories with the world. Whether it's a Podcast, a book or Voice Over production, I am here to help you be your best. Any day in the studio is like a day on the river fishing. Let's see if we can reel in the big one together.

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